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iPad Class Awards - Perfect for the end of the year!

The end of the school year sneaks up on me and leaves me with SO much to accomplish. Please tell me I'm not alone... I always feel like I should pass out awards to my students, but can never find ones I like in my last minute rush. This year I decided to be on top of my game. I made awards that look like iPads for my technology loving class! (and now I will be using them year after, year after, year...)
As the school year comes to a close it is important to recognize the students in your class. Each one of your friends has a personality that has inevitably shown through. They also play an important role in your daily classroom life. Your classroom has become a family and closing the year with an award ceremony recognizes that is memorable to them.
Most of you know already that my class loves having iPads. So, obviously the best awards for us would have iPads on them! 

I had so much fun creating these awards that I literally couldn't stop. I ended up creating 55!(you can see a list of the awards by heading to my TpT store here) I thought about the students I currently have and the ones I have had in the past. I tried to cover all of the personality traits that I have seen in them.

After I finished creating them, I wanted to make them easy to you! I don't like it when I purchase a product and then add my messy handwriting onto it. I think it looks better typed. So, I made these EDITABLE for you! 

Then, to make things even easier, I added a clickable table of contents. What does this mean? You do not need to scroll over and over through my 116 page document. Instead, look at the table of contents for the color choice you would like (did I mention there are two color choices?) and click the award when you think of a student to fit it. Add their details and print!

Want to check them out for yourself? Click the picture below to be taken to my store!

Sending Birthday Cards with Paperless Post

I received this product for free to provide an honest review.  All opinions expressed within this post are genuine and impartial. 

Have you heard of Paperless Post? It is a company that designs customizable online and printed stationary. It proves that communication can be personal and well-designed - regardless of the medium. They have partnered with several word-famous designers and lifestyle brands. Including two of my favorites, Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler. They have delivered OVER 85 million cards to date! When they asked if I wanted to try out their site and app to use with my class - of course I said yes!
Mrs B's First Grade
Paperless Post is SO user-friendly. You can either use the on-line site or the app.

There are many various options of cards to send. They range from online invitations and cards to even weddings! I decided to try out the birthday cards with my students and co-workers.

Mrs B's First Grade

Within the birthday cards section you have several to choose from. You can choose from a general selection. Or, you can get more specific with for her, for him, or belated.

You can send the cards via e-mail or purchase a print out card to be sent.

My students happen to have their own email addresses through the school. If your students do not have email addresses, you can send the cards to their parents email.

There are a large number of cards to choose from. You could easily send a different card to each of your students throughout the year. There is also a huge variety. I happened to find a unicorn card that I knew my unicorn-loving student with a birthday coming up would love.

Mrs B's First Grade

You can personalize the background and add a personal note. You can change the formatting, font, color, spacing, height, and text effect. You even get to pick an envelope liner...check out these rainbows!

Mrs B's First Grade

Lastly, you can pick a stamp and postmark. After you have finished, you just enter the e-mail address where you would like it to go...and voila! 

Mrs B's First Grade

I hope this smile conveys the excitement of receiving a special card from your teacher! 

Mrs B's First Grade

Once sent, you can keep track if your card has been opened by the reader. I love this feature for sending various cards to both students and adults. You never know if a card has been lost...this helps a lot!

Speaking of sending to adults...wouldn't your co-workers love a stylish card for their birthday too? 

Below are just some of my favorites to send out to my co-workers at my school.

Mrs B's First Grade

Are you itching to get started on your own cards? Head to Paperless Post to do so. I would love to hear about what you send!

Mrs B's First Grade

*I received free credits to Paperless Post in exchange for this honest review.

ABC Countdown - Teacher Edition!

So many classrooms have an ABC Countdown for the end of the year. You can read about ours here. It is fun for the kids to celebrate the last days of school together with something to look forward to each day. Why does it have to be just for the kids though? Why can't the teachers have their own countdown?
Mrs B's First Grade
My friend Diana from My Day In K and I had so much fun coming up with an ABC Countdown for teachers. We tried to include all of our favorite things, which are hopefully yours too! Keep an eye out on our social media for the days "S" and "T" for an extra special treat from us!

To celebrate with us, just click the picture below to download the PDF. You can fill in the date that each day falls on for your school. Hang up the countdown in the teachers lounge, email it out to your friends, or just keep it to yourself. Either way - have some fun with your last 26 days. YOU HAVE EARNED IT!
Mrs B's First Grade
Click to download!
We would love to see pictures of your ABC Countdown in action. Use the hashtag #abccountdownTE when sharing on social media!
Mrs B's First Grade

Daily Incentives in the Classroom

In my classroom I am always having to "switch up" my behavior plans and incentives. I love using my two big management strategies of individual pad pics and a classroom BINGO game. However, I always need to add in one other thing to help on a day to day basis. I recently tried something that worked so well. I do not forsee the need to "switch it up" for a long time. Read on to learn about it and grab it as a freebie for yourself!
Have you heard of having a secret student? 

I have had secret students several ways.

I have had names on popsicle sticks that I put in my pocket all day. I reminded my friends that I have secret students when behavior reminders where needed. If my secret students were not following expectations, they would have to go back in the cup and new students were picked (obviously I did not say the names of the students that I put back in.)

I've also had a secret student sign on my whiteboard where I hid names under. This worked better because being able to see the sign was a good reminder for my class. Still, I never knew how to reward the secret student and was inconsistent with my prizes.

This is when it hit me, I needed to be more specific.

I thought of prizes that my kids love to earn in my classroom and put the titles of them on squares. I hung the squares on my whiteboard by putting a piece of tape at the top so that I could still lift them. I then put one students name under each flap using a random name picker app (stick pick) from my iPad.
I told my students I had put names under the flaps. We talked about how at the end of the day I would lift the flaps. I would only fully lift the flap to reveal the name if the friend under the flap had earned the prize.

We talked about what a consequence would be for looking under the flap. They decided that person could not be under a flap for one week. Needless to say, we have never had to enforce that!

I change the names under the flaps daily. I remind my students daily (especially at tricky times...) that there are names under the flaps that could be theirs. Most days we have everyone earn their prize!

The prizes I picked are simple for me to pass out in my class. The two kids who earn VIP get our VIP bucket, the pad pic gets to pick any pad pic, treasure box is self-explanatory, BINGO piece gets to pick a card for our class chart, and the last flap is pencil patrol so they get an extra card from our pencil challenge.

Want to try this with your class?

I added a few flaps that I thought teachers may use with their classrooms.

Just click the picture below to download!
What type of classroom management do you use in your classroom? I would love to hear about it!

Labeley Emoji: Digital Classroom Tool

Young kids love emojis, teenagers love emojis, and even adults love emoticons. They help us to easily communicate our feelings and thoughts in a visual and clear fashion. Emojis are everywhere and they can be used in an infinite number of ways. Read on to learn about a tool for using them in the classroom!
Teachers often use various tech tools that encourage students to be active, creative and collaborative. Thanks to their popularity, emoticons can be successfully used in classroom as well to unleash students’ creativity. Emojis successfully capture students’ attention in the classroom. Therefore, incorporating emojis into education and using them correctly can definitely boost kids’ motivation for learning and participating in class activities.
A great way to use emojis in classroom is to get your students to create their own personalized emojis and use them in the learning process. To do that, you need to find the appropriate, preferably free, and easy to use tech tool that will allow you and your students to make your own custom emojis. 

One such tech tool that fits this description perfectly is Labeley Emoji. It is a completely free, online app for creating personalized emoji stickers for various purposes. It is so easy to use that even the youngest can use it and express themselves in a fun and creative way.

How does Labeley emoji tool work?

To use the tool, all you have to do is go to the website and select the shape for your emoji. All the emoji elements are located on the left side of the screen, while the bigger, right side is your workspace. Once you choose the shape, you can go through the rest of the emoji graphic elements and pick eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and glasses for your emoji design. The galleries of these predesigned elements will allow you to create emojis that represent numerous different expressions.
Students can also turn their own photos into emojis. The special feature that enables users to upload any photo from the computer will help them transform any image into an emoji by adding funny eyes, glasses, mouths etc. Labeley app also allows for adding text, which can come in super handy when learning adjectives, for example. They can then save and download the emoji stickers they’ve created without providing an email address or any other personal detail.
These stickers can be used in so many different learning projects. This digital activity is a fun way for students to express their creativity. Students can also use emojis to express their opinion on a particular topic. Teachers will find them helpful for teaching vocabulary and explaining synonyms, or adding personal touch to grading their students with custom emoji sticker.
Emojis are sometimes worth a thousand words, so why not use the power of these image expressions and make learning fun and more engaging? Labeley emoji tool is here just to help in that endeavor  To quickly get up to speed with using the tool, you can check out this quick illustrated tutorial!

Have you ever used emojis in the classroom? I would love to hear about them!

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