My Classroom - Mrs. B's First Grade

My Classroom

First up, two views of my room! My room is super small and space is at a minimum. When I moved to my school the room I previously had was at least four times as big. I think I have figured out how to make it work though. I have 19 students and want to have enough seating for even more than that. This year I am trying flexible seating. I have put my students names on chairs for now, and may even take those off. We are not quite ready to go all in yet, but we will get there soon!
Part of my flexible seating will include the pillows and yoga mats below. I also have my simple and easy to manage focus wall and my books that reflect what our current theme is.
Continuing on! The back wall with my large white board is an area where I display our schedule, quiet monitor clipboard, classroom helpers, class Bingo chart and an area for my students to write where they are. My students put their initials in these boxes when they go to the restroom or another classroom. My multi color organizer houses my word work materials and next to that is my iPad cart. I keep my paper choices here also and make sure to label them so they are easy to find. The boxes underneath will eventually house our math work stations. You can find my alphabet in my Teachers pay Teachers store here! I made it to be simple and fit our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.
Below is my desk and my VIP table. You can read more about that here and pick up a freebie for it here! New this year are black ottomans for my students to sit on while working there and some fun motivational art! 
On my back wall I have awesome cabinets. On those cabinets I have our word wall, math vocab, reading vocab, writing display (I change this all the time) and wonder bubbles! Pick up my word wall here and my wonder bubbles here!
The focus of my room is where my SMART board and large group carpet is. I found a kids size slipper chair at Target this summer on clearance and had to get it! When you are only 5'2 you fit easily in it...and it keeps you close to your kids. I love it! On my board I have my birthday banner where we will add our birthdays to easily keep track of. We also use it to write the months of the year. You can find that here! I also have my Marzano hand signal posters, Seven Habits posters and Mystery Number Skype posters. I linked each one of those to where you can find them! 
On the other side of my room I have bookshelves where I keep many of my things that my students get into every day. We have our mailboxes, book boxes, and what I call "blue" boxes. The blue boxes up top are where my students keep their supplies. This helps with our flexible seating without desks. All of the bins in the bookshelf are labeled so that things can be easily found and put away.
Last but not least, if you have stayed with me this far, is the outside of my room. You have probably seen my doorway and bulletin board posts on Instagram. I haven't posted about out "What I'm Reading" signs or my lockers. I made burlap pennants for my locker signs to match the burlap in my bulletin boards!
Thanks so much for going on my classroom "tour!" Please email me with any questions about anything you see!


  1. Super cute! I am trying flexible seating out in my first grade room this year. Where did you get the shelves for your theme books, and how are they secured to the wall/whiteboard? I'd love to be able to display our mentor texts like that. -Allison

    1. Thanks Allison! The shelves are from Lakeshore Learning Store. They are pretty strong magnets, so they are secured through that! I have had them for years and they still work great. Good luck with your school year and flexible seating!

  2. I would love to start flexible seating in my class but have NO idea where to start. Do the students sit where they want and how they want all the time? Have you seen this helps with behavior problems? My biggest fear is that the students would be off task, arguing, and so on. I did buy 6 big balls and plan on putting those at my kidney table and computer station.

    1. Hi Natasha! Have you seen my separate post on flexible seating? This may help! I think giving them choice helps with behavior. They are in charge of their learning. I definitely see your fears, but maybe you can start like I do. I do not have it all day long, just during certain times!


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