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Stop Means Stop - A Classroom Community Lesson

"Stop" "Stooooop" "Stop!!!!" How many times do you hear this word in your classroom? How many times is it totally ignored? If your classroom is anything like mine - it's a lot. Read on to learn how I teach my students to respect this word and help improve our classroom community.

Stan Lee's Kids Universe - A Playing Forward App

I love incorporating technology in my classroom. I am always on the hunt for new apps that help to teach my kids, while engaging them. That is why when I heard of a new Augmented Reality app that was designed to support social-emotional development - I quickly downloaded it for my son. Read on to learn more about it AND enter an amazing giveaway!

Using Social Stories in the Classroom and at Home

Transitions are tough. Transitions in the classroom can be tough. Transitions at home can be tough. Something that I have found that helps with this are social stories. Creating social stories can be extremely simple - and can have a big benefit. Read on to learn how I create social stories for both my kids at school and my kids at home.

Royal Throne

I would love for my students to be completely intrinsically motivated and want nothing in return for excellent behavior. That would be a dream. Although I usually have some students like this - most of my students do well with some incentives. I am not a huge component of several incentives, but I like putting a few throughout our day. Read on to learn about my new favorite one that my students and I thought of together!
I like teaching in a chair that is low to the ground. I like being close to my students. I am a pretty petite person and it works for me. Except when I'm pregnant...

Announcing Pregnancy with a Breakout.Edu Box

Announcing a pregnancy in the classroom is exciting. You have this special secret on your mind for several weeks, before you are actually able to share it. Therefore, you want to share it in a big way. I thought and thought about how to announce my pregnancy to my first grade class. When it hit me...use a box!
I found out I was pregnant in July. Therefore, I started the school year at about 8 weeks pregnant. It was my second pregnancy, so I felt like I looked pregnant pretty instantly.

I did a lot to hide the pregnancy, because I did not want to announce until after our 12 week ultrasound. It was not fun hiding. As the time to announce grew closer - I knew I wanted to announce it in a fun way to celebrate letting the secret out.

Hooray 4 Healthy!

Having good and healthy food options for kids is SO important. I feel this way about both my school kids and my own child. That is why I love the Hooray 4 Healthy curriculum being provided by the Life Time Foundation. Read on to learn about this FREE resource!

Digital Addition & Subtraction Fact Practice

I have been using iPads with my young students for several years now. We do a lot on our iPads, but it is mainly through various apps. Until now. I finally figured out how to create my own activity for something my first graders were struggling with - addition and subtraction fact fluency. Read on to learn what I did and how we use it!

My students obviously love using their iPads. They especially love when they get the chance to use them during our math workplace time. This is when I have various centers out and I pull small groups or work with individual students. They use their iPads to play around on some apps that I like, but it is hard to find one that is working on exactly what they need.

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