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Pen Pals

When you walk into Room 16, you are greeted by a room full of authors.  Every single child in the class loves writing, and it is evident by the amount of writing that takes place.  Writer's Workshop and Daily Five are exciting times in our room, because it gives the students a chance to write!  There are always books being created, plays being written, and letters being sent back and forth.  Some of those letters are to our pen pals in Arlington Heights.  Some are to our pen pals at my old school in Indiana.  Some are to Lucky the Leprechaun...

I am sure that you heard that Lucky visited us the week of St. Patrick's Day.  We were shocked in the morning to find his trail of glitter leading to a note and ultimately a pot of goodies.

Lucky was such a hit, that some of the students decided to write letters to him.  One of the letters, written by Mason, is below.
Lucky for us, Lucky received the letter and promptly wrote us back!  We received the letter below in the mail on Wednesday, which also included some of his gold!


  1. It's good to see Lucky is still up to his old tricks, and I'm glad you guys found his pot of gold!
    That being said, can you guys please find out the following things about Lucky:
    Where does he live?
    Does he have any pets?
    What color is his hair?
    Has Mrs. Barnett ever seen him in person?
    Beyond those questions, hopefully I will get a chance to visit your class soon!
    Your friend,
    -John the Engineer, Mrs. Barnett's brother, currently in Kochi, India

  2. Hey Mrs Barnett,
    Do you know if Lucky is coming back soon?
    It is Hayden Hayden


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