Service Learning - Mrs. B's First Grade

Service Learning

The first grade class happens to LOVE the lost and found.  If there is ever an item in the hallway that appears lost, I can count on our friends to pick it up and ask to put it in the lost and found.  As our school lost and found pile grew and grew, we came up with the idea to help out with it!  We have been searching for another service learning project and decided we wanted to help out our school with one.  We sent out an e-mail to the school saying that we were going to line the hallways with all of the lost items for the afternoon.  We did this with the hope that other students would more easily see their lost items so that they can find them!  We had great success!  Many items were found!  We have decided that we will do this at the end of every month with the hope of keeping our pile smaller.  The class loved helping out and took their job very seriously.  


  1. Thanks Cooper for the great pictures!

  2. Very good work First graders. I am sure it was fun putting all the lost & found items in order


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