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Check this Out!

You may have seen our nonfiction Weekly Readers come home on Fridays.  We love reading our magazines and interacting with them on the website.  You can also go online to the Scholastic News website.  You and your child will be able to:

  • Read and listen to digital articles.

  • Watch nonfiction videos.

  • Print off bonus work sheets (you can turn in for fuzzies!)

  • Do fun skill-building activities.

Just go to... 

Starting in October you will need to input a classroom password.  I will post what that is when that happens!

Mrs. Barnett


  1. So many excellent resources! I feel like coming back to school! Any space for me Mrs. Barnett?

  2. Keep up the great work 1st graders! :)

  3. Sure! You can come!

  4. Fuzzies are a favorite! Looking forward to Ethan earning some more with the bonus sheets.

  5. Loving all this content!

    Great work 1st graders and GREAT work Mrs Barnett!


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