Jitter Juice! - Mrs. B's First Grade

Jitter Juice!

Have you heard of Jitter Juice?  It's magic and it's yummy!  During the first week of school, we made Jitter Juice to help with our worries.  We read the book "First Day Jitters" which was about a teacher that was nervous to come to school on the first day of school.  We talked about how we all had Jitters, but they were magically lifted away by the Juice!


  1. Sheetal Patel (Aarnav's mom)September 16, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    Hello Everyone!
    What a wonderful and magical way to get rid of the first day worries with "Jitter Juice"!
    May be I can use the recipe to make the juice when I am nervous!
    Hi Aarnav,
    Sheetal (Aarnav's mom)

  2. Jitter juice with lots of hugs from the mom's and dad's will keep those jitters away...maybe some dancing too! And just so you know, grown ups get the jitters too sometimes.


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