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Words Their Way Spelling

We have been enjoying our spelling!  We took a differentiated spelling test at the beginning of the year to see where each child was at.  That way, we could teach them spelling based off of where they are at with their learning.  

We have three groups.  Mrs. Feldheim and Mrs. Codell take groups of students.  The three teachers will rotate the groups throughout the school year so that the students have a chance to be with each.  We each have basically the same schedule with our spelling words each week.

Monday - Introduction of the new skill and sort.

Tuesday - Review of the new sort.  Students are given their own copy of the sort to cut and sort on their own.

Wednesday - Students practice sorting again and complete a worksheet on their sort.

Thursday - Students practice sorting again and write in their spelling notebook words that go with the sort.  The spelling notebook stays at school.

Friday - Glue the sorts and play a game if time!

We will continue to assess the students throughout the year to make sure everyone is working at where they are with their writing.

*These pictures is of the class taking their first spelling test to see where they were at!*

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  1. Hello 1st Graders!

    I'm thrilled that you are doing so great with your spelling. Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Brooks


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