Thanksgiving Feast - Mrs. B's First Grade

Thanksgiving Feast

We had a wonderful morning at our K-3 Thanksgiving Feast.  To prepare we made placemats and talked/thought about what we were thankful for.  We used the placemats during the feast and hope that you will be able to use them for your feast!  On the day of the feast, we planned to bring the bread.  I had big plans for bread-making in the morning that did not turn out... Luckily I had some good helpers that helped to put a bread basket together while the rest of the class took a virtual field trip to the Mayflower.  They learned a lot!
Preparing the bread!
Watching about the Pilgrims.
Our bread!
At the feast, we intermixed among the kindergarten, second, and third grade friends.  We had fun sitting with new friends and eating yummy food.  We liked wearing our pilgrim hats also.  Thank you so much for the volunteers and all of the parents that helped to bring food.  It was very much appreciated!

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  1. Way to go Jason & Jaden! Keep up the good work!


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