BE AMAZING - Mrs. B's First Grade


When we returned from winter break, it was important for us to review behavior expectations.  We decided that we would working on being AMAZING throughout our school day.  We talked about how being amazing looks in five different areas.

1. Hallways / Lining Up
2. Lunchroom
3. Recess
4. Classrooms
5. With our Friends

We got into five different groups to brainstorm even more details on how this looks.  The groups then used their iPads to take pictures and record what it looked like to be amazing during these times.  Mrs. Fishman then helped us to make it into a video to share with the school.  Please enjoy watching it!


  1. What a great first graders are AMAZING! I noticed that boy in the tie-dye shirt :) doing a nice job cleaning up the classroom!

  2. Thanks for posting this great video. Well done First Graders!

  3. Amazing video 1st Graders! Love the SUPER hero picture. Hello from Denmark Emmett!


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