Skyping Sessions - Mrs. B's First Grade

Skyping Sessions

We have had two wonderful Skyping sessions during the past weeks to enhance our learning.

First, we Skyped with Sara Shaw from The National Museum of Play.  During our History of Toys Social Studies Unit, we used the book Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame to do research.
We had other books, but this book was our favorite.  Due to this, I contacted the museum to see if they ever Skyped with classrooms.  I was happy to hear that they did!  We wrote questions that we had about working in a museum, researching, and the Toy Hall of Fame.  Sara Skyped with us from the actual Toy Hall of Fame exhibit.  We had students that sat in the "hot seat" and asked the questions / listened to the answers.  It was a great learning experience that ended our unit perfectly!

Check out two videos and some pictures!
The second Skyping session was with author Howard Binkow of the Howard B. Wigglebottom books.  We found this opportunity through our Twitter account.  We LOVE the books and they each teach wonderful lessons.  To prepare for the Skype call, we read as many as we could.  Mrs. Garneau ordered them for the library!

During the call, Mr. Binkow talked to us about what it was like to be an author and how he started writing the book series.  He showed us the website,, and how you can make a book on there. After that, we did a little dancing and he showed us a little video. We also had some time to ask her a few questions.  It was another great experience!

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