First Grade Social Studies Unit - Mrs. B's First Grade

First Grade Social Studies Unit

We just wrapped up our "History of Toys" Social Studies unit.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  This unit was about thinking and researching historically.  Some goals I had for the students included:

• Use evidence to sequence events
• Use timelines to display chronological order
• Find evidence to support historical claims

Essential Questions
• How can I use evidence to sequence events?
• Why do we use timelines?

• How can I use evidence to think historically?

Below is a brief view into what we did for each of the six weeks.

1st Week
In the first week, I introduced the concept of "thinking historically" and gave students select pictures taken from the All Time 100 Greatest Toys List from Time.  Students began ordering the toys in chronological order by looking for evidence of when they were made.  We also made interview questions during this week to learn more about our friends and families favorite toys.

2nd Week
We spent this week watching and hearing about the interviews.  We thought about the information presented and how it could effect our timeline placements.  We continued to work on re-ordering our time lines to get them in the right order.

3rd Week
During this week, I challenged the students on where they had placed their toys on their timelines.  Some of the questions I asked included:

• Which of these toys are older/newer?

• Can you sequence them? 

• Why did you place them where you did?

• Did anything else in the photo help you make a decision?

• How could you be certain your placement is accurate?
• What evidence do you have to support your placement?

4th Week
During the fourth week we took a little break from our timelines and thought about what school was like long ago.  We talked about how schools used to look like and what children did at school.  We discussed that Bannockburn has been a school for many years and has changed a lot.

5th Week
During this week, groups made their finally adjustments to their timelines and we went through the correct order as a class.  In the pictures below you will see what it looked like!

6th Week 
We spent the last week preparing and having our Skype call with The National Museum of Play.  The class became interested in the Museum because of a book that we used to research, Classic Toys of the Toy Hall of Fame.  This was a wonderful way to end the unit.  I will post more about it in a separate blog post!


  1. It's so interesting to see your pictures and to see how some 'old toys' are still available but have changed! I recently saw some before and after pictures of popular toys that are still available today but were very different many years ago. Well done First Graders! Keep up the good work.

  2. I used to have a Paddington Bear with yellow rubber rain boots!

  3. What a great unit! By the way, my sister used to have a sock monkey. A few years ago, Bryce received a retro "stuff your own" sock monkey. I couldn't believe it was brought back after all those years!!!!

  4. What a great unit! By the way, my sister used to have a sock monkey. A few years ago, Bryce received a retro make your own sock monkey as a gift. I couldn't believe they were still sold!


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