Little Bird Tales - Mrs. B's First Grade

Little Bird Tales

Our class loves Little Bird Tales. A lot. We make Little Bird Tales for various reasons. Some reasons include writing a book, talking about a friend, or a final product of learning. We spent a lot of time learning about the 29,000 rubber duck toys that were lost at sea in the 90s. After learning about the problem, we learned about ocean currents, garbage patches and recycling. To conclude our learning, we got into groups and made Little Bird Tales. We wanted to teach others so that we learned to take better care of our Earth!

Please enjoy viewing them!


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  1. These tales and the happy faces pictured totally made our day! Thank you for sharing them and for using Little Bird Tales! We are so happy your class loves it! We are especially happy they used LBT to draw attention to such IMPORTANT issues! Our planet is really the most important thing to take care of, since it's the only home humans and animals have! We hope your students will grow up working to make improvements to our environment and helping all the animlas and plants to be healthy. GREAT WORK!


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