Jemima Puddle Duck - Mrs. B's First Grade

Jemima Puddle Duck

We have had an exciting spring with Jemima Puddle Duck. We loved Skyping with the Duckmaster and learning about her life cycle. We anxiously awaited her ducklings and were thrilled when we came to school one day and saw that 11 of them had hatched.  There was something even more special that happened that week though...

We have a door that leads to the courtyard. We opened the door yesterday with the hope that Jemima would come in. In the past, Mrs. Barnett has gotten her to come in our door so that she could leave the courtyard with her ducklings and cross the street to go to a pond. She had never entered our room when kids were in here though. Not even thirty minutes after we opened our door, we were so surprised to see Jemima and the ducklings walking in. We tried to keep quiet, but it was hard! Jemima seemed to know what she was doing. We think she remembered that she needs to leave the courtyard once her ducklings are hatched. It took some work, but Mrs. Barnett and our class helped to lead her and the ducklings through our room, into the hall, accidentally in another room (it was funny!) and out the door. From there, Mrs. Barnett helped her to cross the street safely to go to the pond. We were sad that she left

When this was happening, we grabbed our iPads and got a lot of evidence of it. We made several KidBlog posts that you can look at here! This was such a special memory for us.

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