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Skype with an Author

We had a wonderful opportunity last week to Skype with a well known author, Natasha Wing. She has written a large number of books. Some of her most popular include her "Night Before" books. Check out her blog below:
We were able to Skype with her because of Skype in the Classroom. I tweeted about using Skype and she responded, exciting right?! It was the perfect Skype to have with students at the beginning of the school year. Especially because we started out the year reading two of her books, The Night Before First Grade  and Pearl vs the Tooth Fairy.
Our Skype session was wonderful. We started by having her talk to us about her history and about what being an author is like. She showed us a few of her favorite books and talked about why she became an author. We then had a list of questions that we had written for her. She answered each one of them thoughtfully and gave us a great insight into her job and the life of an author. 

Once again, Skype has enabled us to learn so much more than I imagined being able to teach my students. Thank you!!

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  1. Wow! Great blog. You even included video - cool! Thanks again for the opportunity to Skype with your students.


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