Track Homework on the iPad - Mrs. B's First Grade

Track Homework on the iPad

In our first grade classroom we are learning how to take responsibility and self-assess. One easy way we do this is through tracking whether or not we returned our homework each Friday.

To do this, I shared a Google Form with each student that is opened on the free Sheets app. On the form, I just listed a few dates and then put a box that said "yes" and a box that said "no" next to each of them. The rest of the work is done by the students.

Each Friday, they open up their app and they either fill the "yes" box in green or fill the "no" box in red. Parents can assess this by logging onto the students Google e-mail account.

Keeping track of our homework is beneficial for both myself and the students. We have an easy reference that can be accessed anywhere and the students can visibly see how they are doing. Win-win for both!
Student filling in the box green for bringing back his homework.
A student airplayed their iPad as they filled in so that other students could understand what to do.
Focus Wall!
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