Mystery Number Skyping - Mrs. B's First Grade

Mystery Number Skyping

We had a great Mystery Number Skype experience before Thanksgiving. We hope to continue this fun game and Skype with many other classes this year!

To begin, we went on Skype in the Classroom website to look for classes that were interested in playing this game with us. I have also found many classes through our class Twitter account in the past.

After finding a great class to participate, we practiced playing the game with our class. We split up into two groups and pretending like we were Skyping. I have even turned on Photo Booth on the computer before and recorded our session for students to look at.

The object of the game is to guess the other classes number. You take turns going back and forth with this. We use our number sense skills by tracking on 100 charts after inquirers ask questions. Eventually we narrow it down to the mystery number.

A student has a job to record both pictures and videos during the call. Enjoy a clip of our call below!
We used laminated 100 charts to track while Skyping. However, we just found a new app for our 1:1 iPads that is even better. It is called Hand's On Math Hundreds Chart.
While we were Skyping, I put up pink posters with reminders for the students. These posters had various questions that they could ask the other class. After our Skype call, I decided to make new poster set to hang up in the classroom. We tried them out and think they are great!
Teachers - if you would like to grab a set of these for your class, click the picture below!
If you would like to Skype with us, please e-mail!

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