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Our class is a HUGE fan of GoNoodle! I recently presented at a conference where they were giving away GoNoodle lanyards. I picked one up, but was not sure what I would do with it.

One day we were taking one of our many GoNoodle brain breaks and my students were shouting out requests. That is when it hit me, I would name a GoNoodle Champ and the Champ would get to pick the brain break. It was the perfect use for my lanyard! Now, I have a student wearing the lanyard at all times on the day. When we get a chance for the brain break, the students picks what we do and then we name a new Champ. We have so much fun with it!

Teachers - click the second picture for a link to download my PDF!

GoNoodle in the classroom
GoNoodle ideas from the classroom


  1. Where did you get the go noodle lanyard??

    1. You can find them here! https://shop.gonoodle.com/collections/all-products


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