Skype Call Reflections - Mrs. B's First Grade

Skype Call Reflections

We recently Skyped with the Toy Curator, Stacey Swigart, at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Awesome, right? Stacey answered a tweet of ours and so generously gave up her time to answer a few questions that we had. It is wonderful for my students to be able to talk with an expert and learn more about what we are studying. Learning opportunities like this are priceless.

Our Skype call with Stacey was based off of our Social Studies unit of the History of Toys. You can read more about how our unit went from my post last year here.

Stacey showed us some toys. 

Answering our questions!
It was important for my students to reflect on the call following it. Writing a reflection can be difficult, so why not record it? It took only a few minutes and my students *love* making videos. We uploaded the videos to YouTube as a class (they are logged on to my account and I taught them how to upload as unlisted.) I then put all of the videos on my favorite site, to then go on their KidBlogs.You can watch our reflections by using our KidBlog links on the side of our blog or by clicking here.

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