First Grade Focus Wall - Mrs. B's First Grade

First Grade Focus Wall

Our focus wall has been an ever-changing part of our classroom. We do not have specific items that we are required to post like most schools do. However, I like it when my students have an idea of what we are doing and why we are doing it. I like for them to "begin with an end in mind." 

To start this school year I was just posting about one item we were working on each day. I liked the format because it was specific for my students. However, it did not give them a big picture. It worked for awhile, but I decided I needed a change.

When I decided to change the wall, I knew I wanted to include each part of our day. The end result isn't as specific as the original wall. However, being that specific takes up too much space! I am happy with the change...for now! I am sure it will change again in the future... ; )

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