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Persuasive Writing in First Grade

I love it when two things come together perfectly...

We were just beginning our opinion writing unit when we got the best poster with our Scholastic book order. The poster was about new books coming out. It was set up in a "If you like this...then you will love this" style. My class loved seeing what new books they may like based off of their current favorites. We knew we needed to get our hands on these books. I saw it as a perfect excuse to use our powers of persuasion!

I cut apart the poster and typed up a letter addressed to our librarian and reading teacher. My students then took the posters and wrote persuasive letters on why they thought we should get the new books for our school. They tried to be as specific as possible. They were very persuasive! : ) 

Our librarian responded in a wonderful way that left my students beaming. She was able to order the books and hand delivered them to the student who wrote the letter as they came in. They were thrilled to be the first to check the books out and even more thrilled to see that they had a sticker inside the cover saying that they recommended the book.

Such a fun way to work on writing for a great reason!

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