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Place Value Boot Camp in First Grade

I just love being inspired by others. I have to credit Teacher TipsterBrown Bag Teacher, and Tim Kaegi for inspiring me for this lesson!

My student teacher and I noticed that our students were having trouble with place value. We knew we needed to re-teach it in a new way. Thankfully, I found this video on Teacher Tipster!

We used the video and inspiration from a blog post to set up our own Place Value Boot Camp! We told our students that they would have a guest teacher pick them up from PE and teach them math. We said that we had a meeting, but we would be back after lunch/recess. Our students thought it was hysterical when Sgt. Barnett and Sgt. Price came as guests!

We started the lesson by learning the song (with a little variation) from Teacher Tipster. Next, we practiced place value by having students be "bigs" and "smalls" like in the video. As students came up, other students followed along by putting the numbers in the correct columns on their iPads.

After the students got the hang of it, they took over and tried out being sergeants. This was fun to watch! It was definitely obvious to me that the way we worked on the skill was clicking with them.

Last, I gave each of the students dog tags with numbers on them. I called out various numbers in ones and tens places to come to the front of the room. When time was up, we told the students that we would walk them to lunch, but Mrs. Barnett and Ms. Price would be back after recess. It was too cute to watch them play along with us. They loved telling about their guest teachers in the afternoon!

As we were having this lesson, one of the students was wearing a GoPro as a KidCam! We recently got one for our classroom and school and have been trying it out. I have slowly been learning how to best use it. I finally found the time to create a video from this lesson. Unfortunately the GoPro shut off half way through, but I think you still get the picture. I showed the video to the students this morning and they LOVED it! It was a great way for both of us to reflect!

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