School Courtyard Garden - Mrs. B's First Grade

School Courtyard Garden

I am so fortunate to have a door that leads to our school courtyard. It is amazing! A few years ago we put in four raised beds. It has been fun to help be a leader in planting, harvesting and maintaining them. Our usual plan is to plant some things in the spring like lettuce, radishes and garlic that can be harvested before school is out. Then, we plant a summer garden that we can harvest when school resumes. In the past we have opened the garden up to the community during the summer for families to come and harvest and take care of it. This year we plan to create a Google Doc to take care of this. Hopefully I can keep you updated on its progress!

Our brave library media specialist spent a very windy morning helping my students and others plant. I got to stay inside while my kids went in and out. I just happened to have our Go Pro camera strapped to one of my friend's heads. I edited this short video of the fun she had outside planting. Enjoy!

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