Student Teacher Goodbye - Mrs. B's First Grade

Student Teacher Goodbye

Mentoring student teachers has become a passion of mine. A large part of that is showing new educators how wonderful schools can be. It is always a priority of mine to set a positive example and show how a school comes together for its number one priority - the kids.

I completely enjoyed my time with our student teacher. Mentoring her was a pleasure. I am confident that she will make a difference wherever she goes!

Saying goodbye to her was hard...but not too hard because she is now working at school as a classroom assistant! Starting a job immediately after student teaching is a testament to the hard work she put in.

My class and I loved planning our goodbye party. They actively took part in the plans and loved keeping special secrets from her. We can not have food at school, so we just planned to have some fun in the afternoon and go outside to play together. I did put a little something for her in the teachers lounge though!

Enjoy the pictures and video of her coming into her party below. We did make her a goodbye video, but I will keep that gem private!

The "centerpiece" of our party was a school supply cake Head here to see the tutorial I used!
I put some cookies in the lounge along with a card for everyone to sign.
During her time with me I collected some of my favorite books from Scholastic to give to her.
I LOVED the sign I had made for her from Tallahassee Sunday Etsy Shop. We also made her a book with advice/memories and cards!
We made her a thumbprint tree and I printed one of my favorite pictures of the class during an activity we did while she was here.

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