Circus Field Day - Mrs. B's First Grade

Circus Field Day

Our school was taken over by the circus for our field day! The awesome company, Cirque Amongus, helped teachers and volunteers to turn our school into the circus for the day. I was lucky enough to have the job title of "Social Media Specialist" so I got to take several pictures and tweet about it all day. I loved walking around and seeing everything!

During the morning, students were split up into 20 groups and were lead to 10 different circus stations. At each station they learned a different circus skill. Teachers and volunteers both led the groups around and led the stations. We had perfect weather!
Pictures from the morning.
After a quick pizza lunch, the students go to pick their favorite circus act and create a routine to perform during the school-wide circus performance. During this time the students also got to get into costume (SO many choices!) and had their makeup done.

The actual circus was so fun to watch. Several parents came and the students put on quite the show. It was the perfect way to spend our field day.
Pictures from the circus performance!
Being the "Social Media Specialist" I carried our GoPro around with me and put it on a few of the students. Check out this short video below!


  1. What a fun day! My sister and I were always putting circuses on for our family! This would have been a dream come true for us!!

    1. How fun! It was so much fun for both the students AND the adults!


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