First Grade iMovie - Mrs. B's First Grade

First Grade iMovie

Once again, Twitter has inspired a fun lesson/activity!

My sister loves to tweet my students picture books that she finds. She sent us a tweet about a fun activity that you could do on the author Arree Chung's website. As soon as I saw the activity and fun website, I knew my students would love the book.
The book did not disappoint. It had my students laughing out loud. The best part was that we could follow up with a fun activity on the site. I sent my students the link in an email. I find this is the best way to share links with 1:1 iPads. Having students type the address in takes way too much time! Then, my students went to town "ninja-fying" themselves!

I decided that we could take this a step further. When they were done with their picture, they airdropped it to my iPad. As they finished, we created an iMovie. iMovie is SO simple to use on the iPad.

To add the photos, I just pressed "photo" in the top right corner. From there, you can look through your albums and pick the photo you want to add. Once you touch the photo you want it automatically adds it with transitions in between.
To add the video at the end, I again pressed the camera button in the bottom right. I made sure it was on video and not camera. I took the video and it automatically added it. You can also use this feature to take a picture while in the app.
That's it! The video took us minutes. I actually airplayed my iPad as I was working and my firsties and I laid down on our tummies in front of our SMART board and made it together. Then, we watched it over and over and over and over... Enjoy!

Ninja from Sarah Barnett on Vimeo.

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  1. Loved seeing what you guys did!

  2. This looks like SO much fun!!! Can't wait to try it! Also, a few bloggers and I were talking about getting together in the Chicago area. My Day in K mentioned that you are from Chicago too. Would you mind sending me your email address so I can email you information to see if you might like to join us?
    Thank you!
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    1. Thanks SO much, Marie! I would LOVE that!! I keep thinking about throwing that out there. My email is Looking forward to it!


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