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Wedding Anniversary

Today is our five year wedding anniversary!

My husband David and I met when we were just 19 years old at Arizona State University. I had been busy with sorority recruitment when he met my roommates at the beginning of the school year. Then, one day I saw him walk into our apartment with high white socks and Adidas flip flops. At that point, I knew it was true love...we have been together ever since!

When I graduated in 2005 I moved back home to Indiana and David stayed in Arizona to work on his cousin's business. I started working in a school that I loved and David eventually moved back to the Chicago area. There was some back and forth talk about David moving to Indiana, but eventually I realized that I was going to have to leave my hometown for us to be together. He *finally* proposed to me in 2009 after seven years of dating. That is when we started the process of me moving. I left Indy for Chicago in 2010 right after our wedding.

Due to the fact that we took awhile to get married, I have always felt funny when asked how long we have been married. I feel the need to follow it up with "...but we have been together for 13 years!" Now though I feel like five is a solid number. We have been through a lot together in those five years and I am so happy to have him by my side. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from our big day!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful. What a sweet story. You look like a wonderful couple. Wishing you nothing but happiness, love, and joy in the years ahead.

  2. You looked absolutely amazing on your wedding day!!! Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your post. :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  3. Many congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary!! I wish you guys all the best for your future. I am going to have the destination wedding at the Malibu wedding venue. The feeling of getting married with my love of life makes me so happy!!


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