Behavior Management Tip - Mrs. B's First Grade

Behavior Management Tip

I am here today with a quick tip brought to you by Target's Dollar Spot!

A few weeks back I spotted these cones while I was scanning the aisles. They were the perfect pink and I knew I could do something with them, so I picked them up!

After thinking a bit I decided I would turn them into "quiet cones!" As the end of the year was approaching, my friends got a bit silly. I needed something for motivation. Before I introduced them to my class, I asked my friend Kathy to spiffy them up with her circuit cutter!
To implement them, I told my students that I would place the cone by friends that were following expectations quietly. If they still had the cone by them at lunchtime or the end of the day (I needed to break it up for them) they would earn one big fuzzy. If they stopped following expectations quietly I would move the cone to someone who was. The minute they hit the tables my classroom was silent. Every teacher knows how great that sounds!
The Dollar Spot comes through again! You could make something similar to quiet cones in a variety ideas. Please share any ideas you have!

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