TpT Summer Challenge Week 2 - Dare to Dream! - Mrs. B's First Grade

TpT Summer Challenge Week 2 - Dare to Dream!

So I am a bit behind for the TpT Summer Challenge...I just finished the week two challenge! "Daring to Dream" was fun to think about. I consider myself a very goal orientated person. When I write something down, I feel an obligation to follow through with it. The four goals that I listed for myself are ones that I have thought about a lot.
  1. Be a Keynote Speaker - I love presenting at conferences. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with other teachers. My favorite conferences to present at are the small local ones where teachers give up their Saturdays to voluntarily learn more for their students. I have presented at some larger conferences though and have a goal of becoming "THE" keynote speaker at one someday. This goal has to do with TpT because it helps me to get my name out there. I would love to see my name published in the conference information and hear people talking about how they are excited to listen to me. Someday!
  2. Earn a Doctorate Degree - I currently have two Masters degrees. As I was getting my second one I contemplated getting a Doctorate Degree instead, but it was just too much to handle at the time. I would love it if someday I was able to take time off from working and work towards an Educational Leadership Doctorate. I am positive that I could do amazing things with it and it would give me the avenue to teach education majors at a college.
  3. Have Financial Freedom - Let's be honest, who doesn't get into TpT for the financial benefit it has the potential to provide? I focus on creating products that I will use with my students and then add them to my store. I am not sure if this philosophy will change in the future, but it is working for now. I want to keep my focus as a first grade teacher first.
  4. Teach Teachers - The main reason I blog is to teach other teachers. I absolutely love my job. I am not sure all teachers would be able to say that. I want to give teachers inspiration for their classrooms and teach them tips and tricks that I have learned. While teaching teachers gives me personal satisfaction, it also benefits my students. I am constantly looking to grow as a teacher myself to be able to keep up with the latest trends.
Thanks for reading my goals! Now I am off to read some of the other posts!

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