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Follower Friday!

Eeek! Who would have thought that you are only allowed to send a note to your TpT followers once a month?! I can not send another note until August I am posting the freebies on here. I hope that all my followers are able to find and download them!!

I have been making things for my classroom like crazy and can not wait to blog about it all soon. For now, I thought I would share with you the signs I made for my table buckets and my word wall cards.

I have several groups in my classroom, so I have eight table buckets. I decided to add the book clipart to reinstall that we love to read in our room. I also made them in different colors so that I can switch things up every now and then and call groups by color instead of number. Click the picture to be taken to the download!
My school uses Handwriting Without Tears for handwriting. This year I made a new alphabet for my room using the lines. You can find that in my store here. To reinforce this alphabet, I made my cards in a smaller version for my word wall. I put hooks under them because I plan on making my word wall moveable this year. Click the picture to be taken to the download!
Thank you SO much for following my store. Your support means a lot to me!

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