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My Reading Mat - For Reader's Workshop!

Last school year we adopted Lucy Calkin's Writers Workshop Units of Study. I can not even describe how much it changed how I taught writing with my first graders. This summer she came out with her new Units of Study for Reader's Workshop that correlate with the writing units. The units are just as amazing as the writing ones and we have only just begun!

So far in reader's workshop we are learning good habits that readers have. Some of the habits we have learned include:
*Take a sneak peak at the beginning.
*Check your sneak peak.
*Do SOMETHING at the end.
*Read MORE and MORE.
*Read MORE and MORE and keep track.
*Set goals.
*Scoop up words in phrases.
*Reread to see MORE.
The program comes with these awesome post-it notes!
The habits where the reading mats come into play is "Read MORE and MORE and keep track"and "Set goals." They are the perfect way to work on this and give students a visual of how many books they have read during their independent or partner reading time. As soon as I handed them out to my students they were in love!

I taught my students that you start reader's workshop by making a stack with their books from their book box on the green square on one side of the file folder. Then, as they read each book they move it from the green square to the red square on the other side. As they move each book they mark a tally mark on a post it note that they have stuck on the file folder. If they read all of their books, then they begin reading their way back by rereading and moving them back to the green square!

At the end of the reading time, my students looked at how many books they read by how many tally marks they had on their post it notes. We talked about goals for the next day based off of that number. This may be one of the first times that I truly felt that my first graders understood the concept behind setting a goal and how to make a realistic expectation! 
This friend has all of her books stacked on the green side to start.
This friend is in the middle of his reading. He has some books on the green side and one on the red. He has one tally mark on a post it to mark the read book. 
This friend is in the middle of her reading. She has two books read, so she has two tally marks down!
Our reading mats have only gained steam since the first day we tried them. I am sure that they will be a staple part of our reader's workshop all year long!

Want to make your own reading mats? I just uploaded what I created to my Teachers pay Teachers store! All you need to do is print out a cover and squares for each student, tape (or glue) them on a file folder, and laminate if you would like! Check it out by clicking the picture below! 

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