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Smens Giveaway!

What teacher doesn't love school supplies?! This one sure does. Over Thanksgiving weekend I was checking out all the deals to be had. I found an amazing deal for Smens and decided that I would overbuy (I tend to do that a lot.) My overbuying is your's time for a giveaway!
Mrs Barnett First Grade
Want to win a box of 30 Smens? Flavors included are Orange, Cinnamon, Wild Berry, Mocha, and Passion Fruit. I plan to use the pens for behavior incentives and student presents. The possibilities are endless! Here is how to enter!

*Fill out the rafflecopter below. I have added three different ways to enter the contest. You do not have to do all three, but doing so gives you more entries.

*Giveaway will end on Wednesday, December 16th.

*On December 17th I will check through the entries to find a winner. Check back in on Thursday December 17th to see if you won! After I pick the winner I will get his/her address and ship the pens out!

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