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Sight Words!

Do you ever struggle with having your students practice their sight words? Read on for some tips!
My first grade friends are expected to know the first 200 Fry sight words. I am a lucky duck because they usually come to me knowing them, and if they do not it is no trouble for them learn them. This was not the case when I taught kindergarten though.

We practiced the words in the classroom many different ways, but I also needed my students to practice at home. I found that many parents did not know the most effective way to help their children. A colleague shared this letter with me and it was a game changer. You can use the same method to practice learning alphabet letters too!
Mrs Barnett First Grade
Even though I sent home the letter and flashcards, practicing the words can get a bit boring and then lead to trouble practicing with parents. Therefore, they had to get creative and switch it up some. I had a few staple games that I suggested to parents to play.

One of the favorites was beat the clock. Who doesn't love a competition? This is also a great way to practice time.
Mrs Barnett First GradeMrs Barnett First Grade
Pretending you are on a race track to practice sight words is another fun way. Imagine the possibilities with adding in real toy cars. It wouldn't even feel like homework!
Mrs Barnett First GradeMrs Barnett First Grade
Looking for more ideas? Check out my latest pack in my TpT store. Included is the parent letter I showed above, 200 flash cards, and 12 ways to practice the sight words at home and at school! 
Mrs Barnett First Grade
How do you teach sight words in the classroom? I would love to learn some new tips!

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