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Writing Celebrations!

Writing Celebrations First GradeHow do you celebrate your student's writing at the end of the unit? Read on for the simple way we do!
Sharing during writing is an integral part of growing as a writer. During our daily writing workshop we have 3-5 minutes for a share at the end. It can look different every day. We also share with our writing partners, but rarely get to share with the entire class. That is why we love to have writing celebrations!

Your celebration can be simple or over the top! You can have it with just your students in your own classroom, or you can invite other students and parents and have it in a larger area such as library or cafeteria. The most important part is that you are showcasing your students writing.
Writing Celebrations First Grade
For our writing celebration, my authors pick one published piece to share. We often do not "publish" our writing in the classroom. I feel strongly that my students should spend their time with me writing as much as we can. Therefore, we do not take too much time to color in pictures and add fancy cover pages. We often pick one or two pieces from a unit to do this with. That is what makes these pieces even more special to put on display!

We turn down the lights, turn on the music and put our pieces on display. An important part of our writing celebration is a note sheet for peers, other students, and parents to write comments to the writer on. Attendees are encouraged to circulate around the room and read the pieces while leaving a note for the author. Seeing the smiles that come out when these notes are read are priceless!

Want to try this in your room? Click the picture below to download the note sheet we use! Do you have a writing celebration tradition different than ours? I would love to hear about it!
Writing Celebrations First Grade

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