My Teacher is Having a Baby! - Part Two - Mrs. B's First Grade

My Teacher is Having a Baby! - Part Two

I am back today with part two of my three part series - My Teacher is Having a Baby! Last week I shared all about how I reveled my pregnancy to my students and the staff at my school. This week I am sharing some of the funny things my students have said and how I have involved my students in our baby naming!
I've always heard that the second trimester of pregnancy is the easiest. That was definitely the case for me! I have been grateful for the pregnancy - nausea and all - so I've tried to keep any complaints to a minimum. I did definitely feel my best during those months though. I was starting to show, but still could bend down and get out of bed without straining my neck!

Starting to show also brought funny words from my first graders. Enjoy some of them below!
It is obvious that my students are emotionally invested in the pregnancy! They love talking about the baby, talking to the baby, and seeing his kicks. I knew that I needed to give them some sort of ownership in it to make them feel even more invested. That is when I came up with our baby naming jar!

Although my husband and I have a pretty good idea of what we are going to name our son, I told my students that I was having so much trouble and needed their help! They were thrilled when I showed them the baby naming jar and let them know that they could help me withe the process. They eagerly wrote down words and still do now - weeks after I introduced it!

I have gotten some pretty interesting ideas. Just SOME of them are below...
I've turned my baby naming jar into a freebie for you to pick up in my Teachers pay Teachers store. Just click the picture below!
Stay tuned for the last post in my series next week. I will talk about the baby showers that have been thrown for me at school, how I've survived being in the third trimester, and how I am preparing for my maternity leave!


  1. Love how little ones just say exactly what's on their mind! Some of their comments are too funny! Love that you are involving them in naming the baby, or at least they think they are. Such a fun activity for them. XOXO

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, somehow I missed it! We actually have a name for the baby now, and I noticed the other day that one of my friends put it in the jar! I can't wait for him to know it's the one we picked! XOXO


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