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QR Codes to Connect with Parents

It is rare today to find someone who does not have a smart phone. Although not every child has access to a desktop or laptop computer at their home, most parents have a phone in which they access the the internet with. Teachers can take advantage of this and provide QR codes so that parents can view student's work!
Most parents visit their child's school at least once during the school year. Others visit much more often. I like taking advantage of this and posting QR codes outside our classroom for parents to scan.

At the beginning of the year I put out QR codes that take parents to our blog, Twitter account, and KidBlog accounts. I post them outside my door with directions on how to scan them. Parents can then save them in their phone and easily keep updated with what we are up to.
Click here to download the posters!
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How have you used QR codes to share with parents? I would love to hear about it!

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