Skype Call with a Dyson Engineer - Mrs. B's First Grade

Skype Call with a Dyson Engineer

I love to plan engaging science lesson for my first grade students. This year my lessons have been even more special thanks to the James Dyson Foundation. You may remember reading this blog post about how a friend told me about the Ideas Box and it turned into an amazing STEM activity for my students. It didn't stop there though! For National Engineering Week my students actually got to talk with a Dyson Engineer. Read all about it below! 
The James Dyson Foundation is amazing. I love the message they stand for in encouraging young children to exploring STEM. After we had the Ideas Box, my class had a lot of questions about engeneering. It worked out perfectly that Sean could talk with us to answer some of our questions.

To prepare for our call, we wrote ten questions out on a Google Doc during our science time.
After writing our questions, we practiced asking them. The best way I recommend practicing with your students before a call is to put PhotoBooth on your computer and have them record themselves! We practiced our questions then watched the video so that we could make sure that we sounded okay and fix anything that needed fixing.

The day of the Google Hangout came and we were so excited. Sean and Bailee were wonderful and answered all of our questions. After our session my students continued to talk about them as though they were our friends. In addition, the engineering spark has not left our classroom. I am confident that there are several future engineers in it!

To watch a short clip from one of my students wearing a GoPro, click below! Our GoPro turned off early...

To watch the full Hangout click below!

Click here to see my blog post on the James Dyson Foundation site!  

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