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Kahoot in the Classroom

Ah, friends. I have to share about another fun Kahoot experience I had with my class this year. We used Kahoot several times throughout the year for a variety of reasons. I used it to practice our spelling words, review new information learned, and introduce topics. My kids begged for it and cheered when they heard the music. Today I want to share another Kahoot experience where we played with friends from around the country!
Dr. Seuss is such a rockstar in the eyes of my students. I love celebrating his work and life during the week of his birthday. I usually pull his books and we read them for days leading up to the week. During this time we use them to work on our standards and enhance our learning. The books and their messages become a part of our daily conversation and we love to talk about the ones we love the most.

I thought I could extend this learning by reviewing his stories and characters with other classes through a Kahoot. When I begin to organize a Kahoot with several classes, my go to is always Twitter. I have found teachers through the hashtag #1stchat that love to collaborate and are always up for some fun. I put together a Google Doc asking teachers to sign up if they could play with us. After we had a group together, I sent out the directions below so that they know how to play.
Click the picture to download a pdf of the directions!
I found the Kahoot that we played on the site already made. I adjusted it a bit because I didn't want there to be a time limit. You can find the game here!

When it came time to play, I followed the directions that I have above. I am happy to say it went off without a hitch and we had a blast playing and celebrating Dr. Seuss. Our crowd ended up being classrooms mainly from the midwest. We had classes playing from:
Indiana (2 Classes)
Illinois (2 Classes)
If you are interested in playing with your class, please send any questions my way! It is a lot easier to set up than you would think. We love Kahoot!

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