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Writing Folder in Writer's Workshop

Back to school is upon us! Are you thinking about changing your writing to a workshop model this year? Already have a workshop happening? Read on to learn about a fun activity that I use to start my workshop off with a bang!
How many times have you heard, "I don't know what to write about!" As a teacher it is a priority of mine to get to know my kids personally. At the beginning of the year we are still getting to know each other and it is difficult to help remind them of people they know or experiences that they could write about. That is where my favorite activity comes in handy!

My school purchases folders for each of our students to use during writer's workshop. We use Nicky folders, you can find them here! They have a clear pocket in the front and back that is just perfect to stick a piece of paper in. Instead of having the paper just be their name, or something I have made, I send it home for students to decorate! My students are free to add anything they would like - stickers, ticket stubs, pictures, menus, anything that will fit on the sheet of paper and lay flat! When they bring the two pages back (I send home cardstock for durability) they put it in their folder and use it for inspiration. It also makes a great jumping off point for conversation between the students and I as we are getting to know each other.
Want to give this idea a try? Click the picture below to check it out in my store. It is only $1.00!
How do you start off your writer's workshop? I would love to hear!

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