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Personal Word Wall for Students

Do you have a word wall in your classroom? How accessible is it to students? I have a moveable and interactive word wall, but I find that even that is not enough support. That is why I created a personal word wall. Read on to learn more!
In my classroom I have a workshop model for writing. My students have folders that they use daily. They store their writing in their folders and other reminders that I have for them. They personalize their folders at the beginning of the year to get ideas for writing (read more about that here!) Their favorite resource though? Their personal word wall!

I can not tell you how often I see my students reference their personal word wall. All. The. Time. The convenience of it makes it so easy for them to just pull out when they are unsure how to spell a word. Over the four sheets I have included 400 of the most commonly used words in writing for my young students. Therefore, they often find what they are looking for!
There are a variety of ways to use the folders.
-Print out all four sheets and glue on a file folder. You can glue one on the cover, two in the inside, and one on the back. Then, laminate for durability. You can make one for each of your students or a few to put out at your writing center.
-Print out all four sheets and combine with either staples or rings. Then, laminate for durability. Again, you can make one for each of your students or a few to put out at your writing center.
-Print out all four sheets and send home with students to use as a reference for writing while at home.
To see more about the resource, just click the picture below!
How do you have your word wall set up in your classroom?


  1. I love your resource! I use a personal word wall, too, but I never have enough room for the students to add new words they've learned to spell. How do you handle that?

    1. Thank you! I have found that my students haven't felt the need to add more words often. That may be because of the age of my young writers. I think if I had a student who wanted to add more I would either have them add under the column (my kids do this) or attach another paper!


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