Welcome to the World, Leo Paul Barnett! Part Two - The First Three Months & Nursery Tour - Mrs. B's First Grade

Welcome to the World, Leo Paul Barnett! Part Two - The First Three Months & Nursery Tour

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Welcome, friends! I am finally back with part two of Leo's first months with us. I seriously can not believe he has already been here for three months. I feel like it has flown by and snail-crawled by at the same time! In this blog post I will let you know how his first months have gone, my favorite products we have, and pictures of his nursery!
Someone told me that the first three months are the one of the most difficult times. Oh boy were they right. They also told me that they are some of the most precious moments you will have with your baby. Oh boy were they right on that one too! They definitely were not easy, but somehow we figured it out. I have read several books - What To Expect the First YearBaby WiseSecrets of the Baby Whisperer, and 12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks Old. I have found each helpful, but the most helpful tip I have received is to not listen to what everyone says and do what is best for your baby.
Although I have a background in child development, I have never been around a baby for longer than a few hours. When we brought Leo home I seriously had no idea what I was doing (anyone felt the same?!) However, I was surprised about how easily it came to me. I learned his cries, what he liked/didn't like, how to hold him best, and how to quickly change that dreaded diaper. This is where my best advice came into play. There were things that I read you should or should not do that just didn't work for me. I was so happy that I felt empowered enough to go with my gut. All moms need to do that.
I can not tell you how much I loved to have him sleep on me at the beginning.
After we got passed the first six weeks give or take, we started to see just who Leo really was. We didn't realize what we were missing because we were caught up in the baby snuggles. Getting to know him as a person though has been oh so fun. It makes all the sleep deprivation and "no-time-for-yourself" worth it. He is just so happy to be here, his smile is contagious.
I want to share some of the products that have made our first months so much easier. When I thought about what it would have been hard to live without, these things came up. I could have made this list SO much longer than it already is. I was lucky to have a good friend help me with picking out the best car seat, stroller, pack n play, bouncer, etc. If you want to know what we have for any of those, just leave me a comment or email! 
DockATot Delux (click picture for link!) - This little bed SAVED us! Leo kept startling when we put him down and woke himself up. He sleeps with it in his bassinest, crib, bed, wherever. Seriously worth the money!!

Halo Bassinest (click picture for link) - We were lucky enough to be gifted this. It is so sturdy and has so many features that make it so great to use. I feel so much more comfortable when Leo is sleeping right next to me. This eased my fears.
Motorola Monitor (click picture for link!) - I researched A LOT of monitors and this one was the winner. I love all the features. I can talk through it, play music through it, and even check in from my phone! Don't tell my husband that I may or may not spy on him while I am away!

Baby Brezza (click picture for link!) - Leo could not latch and I therefore could not breastfeed. That is a story for another day...Formula feeding is such a breeze with this device though. It makes a warm bottle in seconds. Seriously love it!!

Little Einstein's Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym (click picture for link!) Leo LOVES this play gym. I think the reason he loves it to much is the light up sun at the top. Many do not have that. He can just sit and stare at it all day!

Boppy Newborn Lounger (click picture for link!) - I originally just bought the regular Boppy. I figured I wouldn't need both. Then, I had a friend com over and tell me how much she loved her newborn lounger. I ran out that day to buy one and haven't regretted it! It makes "lounging" in a good spot so much easier! 
Babies R Us Cool Breeze Fan - Okay, this may seem silly, but this has been SO important! I love to be outdoors and take Leo on walks daily. There have been some hot summer days. This makes me feel so much better about taking him out! I bought another one on Amazon that quickly broke. This one has been great!
Tag Blanket - When it came time for Leo to actually "play" I had no idea what to do with him. Luckily my friend had given me two of these awesome tag blankets from the Etsy shop (StitchingbySam) in the link. They were his first "toy!" He loves eating and playing with them. We don't leave home without them! They may not be listed in her shop - but she can make them. We also have bibs from her! 
I could talk to you about baby products all day, but I'll leave you with a few pictures from our nursery. I seriously had the best time putting it together. I didn't really want a "theme" of something like airplanes or dinosaurs. Instead, I just wanted bright colors with geometric prints. I had to add in my collage of children books. I know that it will not be long before he is making his own choices, so I am going to soak up this room for as long as I can! 
Crib - Amazon, Dresser - Local Painter, Chair - Buy Buy Baby, Lamps - Pottery Barn Kids

*This blog post contains some Amazon Affiliate links.


  1. Love this!! I'm due October 5th & this will be our first as well! I'm also a teacher too! :) What were your recommendations on the other stuff like stroller & car seat etc?!

    1. Congratulations to you!! We have a Baby Jogger City Select Stroller and a Peg Perego Primo Village 4/35 car seat! We love both of them!! Good luck!


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