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Celebrations in the Classroom!

How do you celebrate in the classroom? There are so many things to celebrate, and so many ways to do it. Read on to learn about how I celebrate with my students for birthdays and holidays!

Who doesn't love a reason to celebrate?! In my classroom, we celebrate many things. Some of my favorites include:

However, the most special would have to be birthdays! In most schools birthdays have become trickier to celebrate over the years. This is mainly due to allergies and no food allowed in the classroom. It is still VERY important that your students are recognized for their big day though!

In my room we make a birthday book and give the student a birthday crown and a special seat cover. We make sure to celebrate them all day long. Turning 7 is a big deal!

I have a birthday pennant hanging on my front bulletin board. It helps us to see the birthdays throughout the school year.

Click the picture to check it out!
However, even with birthdays right in front of us it can still be difficult to remember who has a birthday coming next! I can not lie and say that I have never forgotten a birthday. Here is where the freebie comes in...

In addition to the birthday banner, I have a birthday countdown sign. We have ours in a clear plastic frame next to our calendar area. You can also just print yours out, laminate it, and hang it on the board! Use a dry erase marker to write which student has a birthday coming next and what the day is. Once the student's birthday has past, they can be the one to write the next birthday on the sign.

Just click the picture below to download one for your classroom! I have it with the color background, but also white for easier printing.
How do you celebrate in the classroom? I would love to hear!

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