QR Code Math Scavenger Hunt - Mrs. B's First Grade

QR Code Math Scavenger Hunt

QR codes are a huge hit in my classroom. In particular, my students love to use them during math workplaces (our version of centers) because they are independent and self correcting.

Last school year I made a few for my students as we worked on various math standards. My students had so much fun learning with them, that they often stayed out long beyond our learning because they liked them as a workplace option. That is when it hit me - I should make a scavenger hunt for each month of the year!
I went through my first grade curriculum map and picked a skill that I knew we would be working on for each month of the school year. I matched the skills with Common Core Standards so that I knew I was hitting those during my workplace time.

August - Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
September - Number Identification with Ten Frames, Tally Marks, & Base Ten Blocks
October - Addition and Subtraction to 20
November - True Equations
December - Fact Families
January - 2D and 3D Shapes
March - Telling Time
April - Missing Addends
May - Adding Three Numbers
June - Measurement

After deciding on my standards, I had fun making each month unique! I know my students will look forward to seeing what each theme is when it is time for new one.

Here's how it works...

To play, students scan the "Start Here" card and are given a plain text message about where to go next. Depending on the skill, the first card will either tell them to find a certain card number, or the answer to a math problem. They will then find the next card, answer it, and scan the QR Code again to check their answer and see where they go next. The text they will see when they scan the code looks like the one below.
They continue this for fifteen different cards. They also have a worksheet to fill out as they go. This helps with accountability and reinforcing the skill they are working on. I find it is a great activity to put out during a 30 minute workplace session!

Want to try?

Check out the freebie below! It is meant for August, but can be used any time in the year. Want to see more? Check out my bundle of cards by clicking the picture below. You can also see individual months in my Teachers pay Teachers store!
What technology do you incorporate during your math time? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Love how you incorporate math with technology! These QR codes are a life saver and kiddies really enjoy learning hands-on! Thank you for including the freebie. The entire file is amazing! Keep up the good work!


    1. Elizabeth, thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I am so happy that your kids are enjoying them! My first grade friends always love any learning that involves a QR Code!


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