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Five Organization Tips for the Busy Mom

Calling all busy moms (and dads! and adults without kids!) Working or not, we have very little time to ourselves and the household we are trying to run. The only way to survive is to be organized. Read on to learn my top five tips that have helped me to stay on top (and dare I say ahead?) of my game!

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"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." #TrueStory, right? I have a Sunday routine of planning my week out that helps me to be my most successful self. 

First, I fill out my dry erase board. I used my silhouette to create three rows for each day of the week. In the first set of rows I write if we have any obligations other than work. In the second set of rows, I write my workout plan. In the third set of rows I write our dinner plans. 

The best part? Crossing each day off as I accomplish it.

It is so much easier for me to workout when I know there is only a certain time to fit it in. Also, we avoid the usual 8:00 pm "I'm starving" argument when we know what we are eating for dinner.
My "command center" in my kitchen.

I deleted my Silhouette file, I so can't share that with you. I found this great dry erase board at Amazon though.
Just click the picture!
As a working mom who formerly spent a great deal of time on my fitness, it is important for me to semi keep it up. I add in my workout plan to my board, but I have also made myself a weekly checklist.

Have you ever used a reward chart with kids? Well, why not use one with yourself?

I put a star on the days that I accomplish what I set out to do. I use this for my fitness, but you could use this for anything that matters in your life! Click the picture below to download one (and four other ones with different quotes!)
As a teacher mama, staying organized at school is key to me being able to work within my 40 hour work week. Let's be real, teachers usually put in WAY more hours beyond their contract. I am doing my best to stick to mine so I spend as much time as possible home with my little man.

The one tool that truly helps with this is my checklist notebook. I have to use my planning periods wisely (and not spend the 30 minutes gossiping...) so I have figured out what I need to do each day in order to get everything done for the week.

It is possible to get your work done during the week and still be a great teacher.

You just need to be organized.

(I'm not claiming I don't always work a 40 hour week and get all of my work done at school. #LetsBeReal)

The book that I write in is below. I created it with a mix of checklists from Schroeders Shenanigans in 2nd TpT store. I LOVE crossing things off my list.
If you want to make more of a checklist for your home life, I found this great magnetic chart on Amazon that you can fill in.
 Just click the picture to go to Amazon!
I am always looking for shortcuts that could save me minutes. Minutes can add up to hours, right?! 

One small thing I did at school was buy another charger cord. That way I could leave my cord at school each night and not have to pack/repack it. I also pack all of my lunches on Sundays and leave my coffee cup with sugar and my K-Cup out each night when I'm doing the dishes. 

Another area that I have learned to take a shortcut from has to do with my hair! 

Leaving Leo at home to go work is hard. I have to remind myself of the things I get to do while working that I do not do while at home. Sounds silly, but one of those things is actually blow drying my hair! It is nice to wear it down and not get pulled...

Having a great hairdryer is key to this. I did my research and I saw SO many people loving the BayBliss Pro and talking about how it not only dries your hair quickly, but takes good care of it. I am happy to say that they were right. It is speedy and my hair looks great. 
Best hairdryer ever! Click the picture to learn more.

While we are talking hair - this stuff works like a charm too! 
Who has watched the minutes tick by as you stand in front of your closet trying to figure out what to wear? Or, tried on an outfit only to rip it off and create a huge mess? I've solved that with a simple clothes organizer!
Every Sunday I plan out my outfits for the week. It is usually when I am putting away my laundry. I look at the weather and think about what activities I have each day. There are days where I change the outfit, but honestly that doesn't happen often. I love knowing what I am wearing each day and it makes my morning routine go by even faster.

I suggest a clothing hanger like the one below. Six shelves works well! I either plan outfits for the weekend, or use the sixth shelf to put my socks and everything else I need for the week. You can click the picture to be taken to it.
Want to add the pretty labels like I did? Just click the picture below to print them! I laminated mine and then just used fun tape to hang them.
Click to download!
I hope you gained some helpful hints! What organization tips work for you?

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