ABC Countdown - Teacher Edition! - Mrs. B's First Grade

ABC Countdown - Teacher Edition!

So many classrooms have an ABC Countdown for the end of the year. You can read about ours here. It is fun for the kids to celebrate the last days of school together with something to look forward to each day. Why does it have to be just for the kids though? Why can't the teachers have their own countdown?
Mrs B's First Grade

My friend Diana from My Day In K and I had so much fun coming up with an ABC Countdown for teachers. We tried to include all of our favorite things, which are hopefully yours too! Keep an eye out on our social media for the days "S" and "T" for an extra special treat from us!

To celebrate with us, just click the picture below to download the PDF. You can fill in the date that each day falls on for your school. Hang up the countdown in the teachers lounge, email it out to your friends, or just keep it to yourself. Either way - have some fun with your last 26 days. YOU HAVE EARNED IT!
Mrs B's First Grade
Click to download!
We would love to see pictures of your ABC Countdown in action. Use the hashtag #abccountdownTE when sharing on social media!
Mrs B's First Grade

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