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Royal Throne

I would love for my students to be completely intrinsically motivated and want nothing in return for excellent behavior. That would be a dream. Although I usually have some students like this - most of my students do well with some incentives. I am not a huge component of several incentives, but I like putting a few throughout our day. Read on to learn about my new favorite one that my students and I thought of together!
I like teaching in a chair that is low to the ground. I like being close to my students. I am a pretty petite person and it works for me. Except when I'm pregnant...

I bought this chair at the beginning of the year. It is a kids chair from Target. It was perfect, because it is low to the ground and super cute.
It worked just fine in the beginning of my pregnancy. When I hit about 6 or 7 months though, it wasn't working. Basically, I couldn't stand up once I sat down! (please don't laugh...)

So, I needed to rework things. I switched around my seating and then brainstormed with my class what we could do with the chair. It became clear quickly that they all wanted their own turn in the chair.

My class is completely flexible seating (read about it here) so it was the perfect seating option to add.

The problem was, the chair was special. There was only one chair. We knew it needed to have some extra rules that went along with it.

That is when we came up with the idea of a Royal Throne!
The chair looks like a throne, and a throne is special place to sit. It was the perfect concept. We ditched the idea of anything VIP and did the Royal Throne instead.

The class decided that someone would get the throne for one week. They would get the special basket of supplies and a special necklace. At the end of the week, the current person in the throne would get to help me decide who got the throne next.
It was a total hit.

Want to try it in you room? Just click the picture below to be taken to a free download!
What type of incentives do you have in your room? I would love to hear about them!

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