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Chapter Book Series for Early Elementary

As a first grade teacher, one of my most important jobs is to foster a love for books. Opinions on how my students enjoy reading, and how they see themselves as a reader are formed so early. It is my obligation to start them out on the right foot with school. That is why I love "hooking" my students onto a chapter book series!

My students have at least fifteen minutes to read every day.

Every single day.

It's a non-negotiable in my book.

They book shop for books. I help them pick out books. But they get to a point in the year where they want more.

Around December, I start reading the Mercy Watson series.


  • That begins a wonderful discussion on book characters. Following book characters. 
  • Better understanding them. Noticing their relationships.
  • Retelling their adventures. Rereading to understand the details better.
  • Learning important lessons. Predicting and wondering what each story will teach them. Then, comparing and contrasting the books.
  • Examining their character traits. Changing their voices to show the character's feelings.
  • Reflecting on stories they have read. Learning lessons from books by comparing.

We both win. They develop a love for reading. I know that they are learning important skills.

Starting this love doesn't always happen right after I finish a chapter book series.

I just need one student. One student to hook on and take off. One student to make a goal of reading an entire book series.

Then..everyone wants in.

I make my students lists so that they can follow along with their goal.

They put the list in a page protector. They tell me a summary of the book when they are finished, and then cross it off with a Mr. Sketch marker.

If the book series is picked correctly, they can easily finish one a day. Which means that finishing an entire list is absolutely doable.

My students are always asking for new lists, and I am also always seeking out new book series.

So, I decided to compile it all into one resource.

At this moment, I have over forty book series lists with levels from E-S. I'm excited to keep adding more and more.

Sound like something you would like to start with your kids? Just click here, or the picture below, to learn more!

Do you have any other great ways of teaching a love for reading to your students? I would love to hear them!

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