Lalilo - FREE Literacy Instruction - Mrs. B's First Grade

Lalilo - FREE Literacy Instruction

As a one to one iPad teacher, I am always looking for great apps and sites for my students to learn while using them. Especially ones that are free! When I came across Lalilo I knew that it would be perfect for my young learners. It is an innovative, visually engaging, standards-aligned literacy software program for K-2 students and teachers. They support literacy learning and instruction through interactive exercises with extensive data tracking and planning tools for teachers. Sounds amazing, right?! Read on to learn more!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

In my first grade classroom, literacy instruction is one of the most important areas we focus on. My young students are developing critical reading skills. It is my job as their teacher to deliver the best instruction that I can.

That is why I love using Lalilo!

With Lalilo, you have the ability to tailor reading instruction for each student.

  • Immersive, engaging individualized digital exercise
  • Ability to print individualized exercises
  • Create reports to summarize progress
  • Sort students and groups by common obstacles
Students are so engaged using Lalilo, that they do not realize how much learning they are doing.

That's always the goal, #amiright?! 

Students progress as they travel through four beautifully designed worlds: woods, mountain, beach and desert.

They engage in exercises that adapt in real time to each student's level and immediate progress.

Collaboration is triggered if students get stuck. This part is huge in my book. So much better than an app that the teacher is not able to connect to.

During every session, Lalilo collects data to generate individualized worksheets for every student. They are generated in just one click!

This is perfect for homework or following up on what was taught.

You can access your dashboard to see which students are working and see what they have mastered/ need to practice.

You can also generate reports to determine the skills your students need to master.

One last piece that is HUGE for me is the ability to sort groups

I spend so much time compiling data to create small groups based off of needs. Including creating pairs of students according to strengths or weaknesses.

Lalilo literally now does that for me.

I'm sure you've heard enough and you're reading to get started...

Just go to
Sign up.
Add your first class!

If you still have questions, click here to learn more. The site offers so much more in addition to what I talked about. Including meeting Common Core Standards!

I would love to hear how Lalilo works for your class!

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