My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom! From my thirteen years of experience, I've learned that your room is the true foundation of your class.

I believe in having a clean, organized, and moderately stimulating classroom. I have stayed with the same color scheme and try to have similar type anchor charts and poster throughout. I have found that having a huge variety of fonts and colors makes the room feel overly stimulating.

This room has been a process for me - it didn't happen over night. It has evolved during all of my years in it. It evolves throughout the school year depending on what my current students need. I teach them that it is OUR space, not MINE. We make it what we need it to be.

First I will show some overall views of my room, then get into details. My room is super small and space is at a minimum. I have 100% flexible seating. I do have enough physical chairs for all my students though which I have found helpful in first grade.

I bought my hanging pennants from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

The rugs are from School Outfitters.

Our tables and chairs are from Academia Furniture. My library bookshelves are recycled from old cubbies that our school had. 

I keep all of our math items in one are by the door. The bookshelf is from Target. I have my QR Math Codes in the rainbow box. You can find my QR math code bundle here.

I do not like to put a lot of clutter on my whiteboard. I made a simple alphabet to go with Handwriting Without Tears. You can find that here.

Our iPad cart is from Anthro.

I keep our Reading and Writing anchor charts on a magnetic curtain rod. You can find them at my affiliate link here.

We display our birthdays on a simple pennant display. I have a picture of each of my students holding up an iPad with the day their birthday is on. You can find it in my store here.

I love our math strategy posters. I find my kids referencing them all the time. You can find them in my store here.

I store glue sticks and ziplock bags in my black cubes. My students also use them for flexible seating.

My classroom library has been organized in a variety of ways. I currently have it by level and it is working very well for me. You can read about how I organized it here and grab the labels for yourself.

My bookshelves were recycled from another room in the school. They were once built in cubbies.

I love my blue magnetic bookshelves. They work so well. You can find them at Lakeshore Learning Store.

You can find my reading strategy posters here, and my free Reading is Thinking sign here. You can also find my focus wall here!

My small pink chair is from Target! I love being close to my students at the carpet.

I like keeping my focus board clear. My calendar is digital through our math curriculum.

I take a picture of my class each year and add it to my long board above my SMART board. It makes the room feeling even cozier.

The flap cards and job chart you see on the left side of the whiteboard are free through the links.

You can find my hand signal posters here and my Three Keys to Success here. Both are SO helpful to having our day run smoothly.

You can also see my Accountable Talk posters below my SMART board. I keep them low for my students to reference. They are perfect for little learners!

I keep my back bookshelves well organized and labeled so that my students can find what they need. 

We use the cushions and the yoga mats for flexible seating. We also have scoop rockers in a corner. You can find my behavior expectation chart with the QR on it here.

I found my mailboxes at Really Good Stuff. I have had them for years and they have been awesome! I keep our tidy tubs and extra pencil supplies on top. I also use the small white drawers for my magnets.

I have book bins from Lakeshore Learning Store for my kids to store both their books and their supplies. These are the perfect storage solution for flexible seating. They are so sturdy and worth the extra dollars. I've had them for years.

You can find my Reading Mat here and my Reading Goals here!

I don't have a teacher desk, but I do have a nice little corner for myself!

You can find my Wonder Bubbles here. I LOVE using them for higher order thinking, wondering, and genius hour!

On my back wall I have awesome cabinets. On those cabinets I have our word wall, math vocab, reading vocab, writing display (I change this all the time) and wonder bubbles! You can find all of them in my TpT store by licking the links! The pennant labels a free from Kayse Morris!

Thanks so much for going on my classroom "tour!" Please email me with any questions about anything you see!


  1. Super cute! I am trying flexible seating out in my first grade room this year. Where did you get the shelves for your theme books, and how are they secured to the wall/whiteboard? I'd love to be able to display our mentor texts like that. -Allison

    1. Thanks Allison! The shelves are from Lakeshore Learning Store. They are pretty strong magnets, so they are secured through that! I have had them for years and they still work great. Good luck with your school year and flexible seating!

  2. I would love to start flexible seating in my class but have NO idea where to start. Do the students sit where they want and how they want all the time? Have you seen this helps with behavior problems? My biggest fear is that the students would be off task, arguing, and so on. I did buy 6 big balls and plan on putting those at my kidney table and computer station.

    1. Hi Natasha! Have you seen my separate post on flexible seating? This may help! I think giving them choice helps with behavior. They are in charge of their learning. I definitely see your fears, but maybe you can start like I do. I do not have it all day long, just during certain times!

  3. What did you use to make the primary writing lines on your white board? Would love to hear how you did this. Thanks.

  4. Where did you get the colorful banners hanging on your ceiling?


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